Monday, October 19, 2009

Of love and friendship

True love is fodder for the cynics...but enduring that is difficult to find in today's world. Love that stands the test of time....2 hearts that beat as one..its not just a tale from a story book my friends, it happens. Rarely its seen, but it does happen.

Childhood sweethearts. Thats what H & K have been. We've grown up together - all of us. The same group since junior school. I remember the days when K used to give me a ride to school in class 4 coz I didn't want to take the bus. Then in class 7th is when we met H and the rest of the guys who formed what we call 'our gang'. I dont know what it was, the age at which we were or what else but this friendship that formed all those years back, stuck with us till today. The guys for some strange reason would call themselves the 'Copper Gang' (I have a feeling it had something to do with them all endorsing the deo Copper!!!!)....and as cheesily, we would call ourselves 'Sweepstakes' (for the life of me, I cant remember why). As much as they would like to refute us, we believe K& H started liking each other in class 8th (they insist it was 10th). Whichever the case might be, they still go back 13 years!!

There are few things in life which are constant. But in our eyes, their love always was. Even when they would be unsure, we knew in our hearts that they were made to be with each other. H belongs to a rare breed of gentlemen who would do anything for a friend. And he has...stretched himself for all of us all these years. K is the light of our gang...always chirpy...always the imp!! Individually, they mean the world to us, collectively, they show us what love is about.

The engagement was yesterday (where we literally had to be pulled off the dance floor) and the wedding is in 2 days....the first wedding where I will dance with the Baaraat also and steal the shoes too!

An ode to our 2 best friends - may you always smile. Love you.


Unknown said...

a much awaited occasion and one that will be cherished by all of you! so happy for both of them!

Unknown said...


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Mama - Mia said...

beautiful post Harnoor.

here's wishing them a lifetime of happiness!


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