Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love Aaj Kal Reviewed....

Thats the thing about reviews. You should never read one before going for a film and you should never write one after reading others. The best time to write a review is as soon as you come back from the movie, with your opinion fresh in your mind. Take for example what happened with Love Aaj Kal. I walked out of the hall with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. 2 days hence, I am confused about what I felt about it as everyone seems to have a conflicting view. So let me clarify at the onset. My review may be drastically different from a lot of others you read. For the sole reason that I liked the film. I did not compare it to Jab We Met or Dil Chahta Hai or anything else. I saw it as it was. And that is a sweet back to basics, girl-meets-boy-they-have-issues-but-love-triumphs kind of romance. The types that we dont see much of in today's age of complicated films.

The film, runs 2 parallel stories - one of Saif and Deepika, the modern day love, practical and rational. They take their decisions based on how they think the future will pan out instead of how they feel. Then there is a parallel story that is set in the 1970s about Rishi Kapoor's love tale. Imtiaz Ali has used an interesting creative device by making Saif play the young Rishi Kapoor, that too as a sardar. I daresay, Saif makes a dashing Sardar in the pursuit of a simple but gorgeous Punjabi kudi. Of the two tales, I personally loved that of Rishi Kapoor. The period setting, the 'adab' as they call it or 'nazaakat' of them falling in love without ever speaking a word stirred the romantic in me.

In terms of the acting, this is Saif's movie through and through. I try not to be a fan of Saif for personal reasons but he took the audience through the film single handedly. With some able guidance from Rishi Kapoor who seems to be getting better with each film. The sardar Saif was brilliant, the typical brave jat who weakens in the knees for a girl....the modern Saif was funny too, with great comic timing but it was obvious in his dialogue delivery that it was Imtiaz Ali's signature style. The simple girl in the flashback story was cute and played her role perfectly...I can see why they would not want to cast Deepika in the flashback.

Which brings me to her. Because the moment you see this film, you will realise that besides her smile and her ravishing looks, she really is bad! When she speaks, you look around for the script from where she is reciting and when she tries to be funny, you cringe. She makes Katrina look like a National Award nominee!

The songs were fun and had me dancing in my seat (with everyone in the hall wondering what I was on).

I liked the film for its simplicity. For its belief in love. And in that nagging feeling that something is amiss. For its fiction of happily ever after. I dont believe in Soulmates and that there is one person for you in this world that you will keep searching for till you do find her/him. But its refreshing that someone does. The world needs some magic.

Go watch it without expectations. Its not the best film you would have ever watched. But its not one where you will be looking for the exit either. Sweet...simple...refreshing.

Rating: 3 on 5
Paisa Wasool Moment: Saif and Deepika in the Delhi Metro....he puts his arm around her as they always sat and suddenly realises that he can't do that anymore.


anuj said...

ok so after kambhakt ishq and new york i will take love aaj kal without complaints...

but i thought deepika was the only one who had any screen presence...saif was horribly stupid on screen and the new girl has gr8 eyes but deepika acts better for sure!

in fact i think i might be in love with deepika after the movie :P

and wasnt the line bout kudos to farah khan for making us believe deepika can act, encountered before in raja sen review on rediff of the same movie :)

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Anuj, just realised that line was more than inspiration so removed it :D!!

I agree...see this as a breath of air after a slew of terrible films.

And I vehemently disagree on Deepika...but then you have rose tinted glasses on and a soft corner for her as I am guessing so let me not take that up :P!!

[Supra]™ said...

okay if am allowed to be critical - 1. the story was actually interesting - the implementation went haywire of sorts. I wonder why after a long break and in these times of recession these filmy crew working in Bollywood wonderland come up with novel plots (like KI earlier) to push their levels of stupidity eve further.
2. the saving grace was rishi kapoor and the final shots with neetu singh just brought back memories (wish we got have got the younger neetu sing to play the part along with the young rishi kapoor)
3. Saif acted as the role deserved - very commendable
4. Deepika was pathetic - I wish some one had dubbed her part - the only place she looked okay was the final credits song. Dialogue delivery at its worst - Rakhi Sawant was better in some earlier movies-which proves you do not need talent in the right areas to be successful in movies as a heroine (haronor don't kill me for that comment - i meant well)

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Supra, I agree with you (surprisingly!!)....

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