Monday, June 15, 2009

Dhoni, India and T20!

Yes, India lost. Though the T20 World Cup did not attract as many eyeballs as IPL did, now that we have been knocked out of the same, everyone seems to want a piece of the pie to throw at Dhoni. He let us down, he’s playing politics, Veeru could have saved the day, Dhoni should be punished!!!

But wait a second. Aren’t we the same people who 3 days back were convinced that Dhoni is god’s gift to India? He is ‘Destiny’s Child’. Everything he touches turns to gold! Almost like the Alchemist himself? Then how can we so suddenly fall out of ‘love’? The fault, my friend, lies in each one of us. We ourselves build up our cricketers into some sort of demi-gods. When they perform, we almost open temples in their names and pray to them. But lo-behold. If they lose, it is like a personal betrayal. We think not twice before burning their effigies, throwing stones at their houses, calling them names and demeaning them in every way possible.

And the truth is that they are human beings. Exceptional ones to reach where they have and do what they do, but human nonetheless. The day we realize that and give them the benefit of doubt, we probably won’t feel so let down by them. Every single person in the country, without exception, seems to know exactly what went wrong and how they could have avoided this situation and won the championship. Well people, give them some credit. They reached where they did. They played like heroes for years. They did not this time. It happens. Deal with it!

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