Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

The husband is off to the Goa Ad Fest and I'm being consumed with overwhelming jealousy. We've been planning to go to Goa for so long and the trip keeps getting cancelled and then he keeps getting these opportunities of all expense paid trips!!! Que sera sera...

Well, all's not so bad. This is also a week of fun for me. The sister is in town and has endless lists of places to go to and things to do. Add to that, there is a marriage in our house (literally IN our house) next week so its excitement all around.

Yearly planning has taken a different connotation this year. It's difficult to plan for a year where you dont know if the economy will stabilize, improve or deteriorate. Even analysts are now wary of predicting the plateau of the crisis in the west lest they be proven wrong as they have repeatedly been recently. So, I have tackled this problem in two manners. I have made 6 monthly plans instead of yearly plans. In 6 months, I hope to have a better insight in which way we are headed. Secondly, I have made 2 alternative plans. There is a Plan B if things demand continues going downhill and cash flows are affected. This will help in doing course correction instead of sticking to a plan that doesnt fit in the changed scenario.

Another thing that has been taking a lot of prime time space on News channels these days is the Varun Gandhi speech. First of all, I believe this is one orchestrated drama. The same as Muthalik - staged publicly to gain news coverage and get into the mind space of people. All politically doctored. The point is not whether Varun Gandhi is anti - Muslim. Point is not whether Congress is not as secular as they say thanks to the Sikh riots. Point is merely that voters should not be basing their judgement on these people's fanatical agendas but by scrutinising the manefestos and seeing who will help develop the nation better.

Here's a thumbs down to all those who are making a mockery of our democratic process and of us, the citizens.

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Haddock said...

Like they say "all are corrupt so whom to vote for?"

On a lighter note, I saw a cartoon and had a hearty laugh:
One poor man to another in a remote village "The prices of things are spiraling and on top of that Rahul makes surprise visit for dinner"

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