Friday, April 17, 2009

Chicken Dishes for Home Delivery

I noticed that I have blogged about so many restaurants but haven't yet mentioned where to order from when all you want to do is sit in front of the TV and hog. We usually order in once a week and invariably it happens to be a chicken dish which we team with home-made chapatis and we're set for the 9pm movie.

So here is my pick for where you get some of the best Indian chicken gravy dishes (home delivery) in Noida:

1) Though we have found numerous other joints that can well give it competition, I have literally grown up on Chawla Chicken. Started in Ludhiana, Punjab and now with franchisees all over North India, the only consistent dish from here is the cream chicken and it comes highly recomended. A full Cream Chicken has 8 pieces in a delicious light colored gravy that goes well with Chapati, rice and even bread (something that they have realised and they now send 3 pieces of bread free with it). The gravy is flavored with pepper and can leave you licking the bowl clean. Tel: +91 120 245 2169

2) A close second is a recent discovery from a small eatery in Noida called 'Kambojh'. The 'Chicken Do Pyaza' definitely has more than 2 onions in it and is a scrumptuous red gravy. This is also a great idea for ordering in when you have guests. Serve with raita. 8 pieces per dish. Tel: +91 93507 07970

3) Kambojh has yet another winner called 'Kasuri Methi Chicken'. Different from most methi chickens, this one is made with cream and kasuri methi and spiced just perfectly. You will love it especially if you can not eat spicy food (like me). Tel: +91 93507 07970

4) A chicken post would be incomplete if I did not mention Butter Chicken. This is a test of a restaurant's capability and you can often go wrong with this. But I would recommend you stick to the originators of this dish - Moti Mahal. There is a Moti Mahal outlet in The Great India Place where you can devour this. More expensive than the options listed above, its a must try!

I am yet to discover the best Tandoori Chicken for home delivery. Most of them tend to send a dry version of it smeared with red chillies that just dont work!! The hunt for the perfect juicy tandoori chicken continues!

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my mouth is watering..i so miss home food!

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