Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Amigo -The new mexican haunt in Delhi

Mexican food in my life has been limited to Nachos and Salsa. So when the sister suggested we go down to Amigos, the new Mexican restaurant in Delhi, I was game! She had read a review on the restaurant and it did not disappoint. Tucked away in a corner of the Local Shopping Complex of Masjid Moth (GK 2) next to well known restaurants like Mainland China and Smoke House Grill, Amigos is a nice eatery, done up in typically with Mayan Calendars and Mexican wall hangings. The restaurant is spread over 2 floors. We took a seat next to the French windows and checked out the menu (while munching on the complementary nachos and salsa).

I must confess, though a foodie I am, Mexican food is something I am not familiar with. Everything on the menu to me sounded the same (some form of tortillas – fried, steamed, wrapped etc.) so I allowed the sister to order for the 3 of us (mom joined us).

The meal started with Fajitas (Rs.500). A sizzling plate of chicken stuffing was accompanied by 3 tortillas (with 2 more complementary added later) and a host of sauces (sour cream, salsa, cheese and guacamole). We arranged our fajitas as per taste and bit into them. The slew of flavors was unbelievable. Though I usually turn my nose up at fajitas which seem like a poor cousin of our kathi roll, this was not greasy and rather flavorful to the taste buds. The guacamole deserves a special mention. A sort of a thick dip made with avocado, its is refreshing and tasty to bite with some nachos. You can also order this as a main dish and the chef will come to your table to do a demonstration of how it is made.

Soon after, our next dish arrived. The Manchamanteles (Rs.425) arrived. Literally meaning "tablecloth stainers", because of its deep red sauce, manchamanteles is a scrumptious dish much like our Indian food. It was a chicken dish (with skin – something most restaurants will not have) cooked in a thick slightly spicy gravy and served with green and yellow rice. The dish tasted just like our Indian mutton curry and left me wondering if they had done a Karim’s takeaway! Let me not be mean though, it was excellent on the palette and a safe bet if trying Mexican food for the first time.

All in all, we ended with very full stomachs, satiated appetites and content taste-buds. It may not be someplace I’m going to visit often but Amigos was a great break from the usual places we visit. Do check it out.

Location: Amigos, 3, LSC, Masjid Moth, Greater Kailash II, Delhi.
Tel:+91 11 2921 6221
Meal for 2: Rs.1200 (without drinks)
Rating: 3.5 on 5

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Anonymous said...

well reviewed! I agree-it was a good lunch out with the girls :) good descriptions too-very authentic mexican food might I add-having been to Mexico I can attest to that.
Whats the next spot we're hitting girlfriend ;)

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