Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cafe Style opens in Noida

Let me caution you on the onset that this is a local post and if you do not live in (or are planning to visit) Delhi then you may not find this relevant.

Having said that, how could I resist the temptation of reviewing the latest café in the neighborhood – Café $tyle? Having read about it in the newspaper a couple of days back, I was itching to go there and finally went yesterday with my parents. In the corner of the Sector 18 market in Noida, bang opposite the Great Kebab Factory and behind ICICI, this café has a great corner location. The décor is interesting with a motorcycle parked right in the middle of the restaurant and the entire façade in glass which gives it an open feel. They have also kept a few tables outside for those who like the evening breeze, both of which (the breeze and the outdoor seating) are a rarity in Delhi. There is also an open kitchen and a small bakery section where you can pick up some freshly baked breads.

We settled into our sofas and ordered a Minestrone Soup (split in 2) [Rs.120]. The ‘Beer and Cheese Soup’ on the menu had me curious and I can’t wait to go back to try it. The soups came in huge quantities and with some lovely bread on the side. The soup itself was delicately flavored and filled with yummy vegetables and smoked chicken (Rating – 3.5 on 5). And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy our greed, we also ordered something they call the Burguraabia (don’t know if I got the spelling right of that one). Its something I have never eaten before and one that I’m dying to go back and eat again. 2 HUGE pita breads stuffed with lettuce, smoked chicken, cheese, caramelized onion and tenderloin steak. The quantities were so huge that the 3 of us were done with our dinner basis these 2 things that we had ordered as snacks. And at Rs.195, the Burguraabia was a steal (Rating – 4 on 5)!!

The menu was very interesting the way it moved across cultures. The items would vary from Lebanese, Arabic, Mediterranean, Italian, English, Hungarian and Continental. They also offer a variety of deserts but our stomachs couldn’t take any more so had to leave it for the next time.

If you happen to be in the vicinity and want a quick bite, do drop in. Café Style may just give Kaffiiaa some competition.


Mama - Mia said...

oh gee! now i wanna come to delhi! the description of just those two things had me drooling!

need to find whats new in bangalore!!



Unknown said...

well I guess you'll be taking me here too then in a few weeks! ;)
Can't wait!!! n pls uv got to take me to Big Chill too! n I promise to be good this time - and let you pay :D

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