Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Accolades for Slumdog Millionaire

Yes, I tried…and no, it did not work! Apparently the writer in me refuses to die down just yet!! So, I paid heed to its kicking and screaming and here I am back in the arena….

Slumdog Millionaire makes it big….wins the Golden Globe and so many others!! 64 awards since its release in November!! Whatever the critics may say, this counts for something!!

The question that The Husband asked me yesterday and I still haven’t answered, is whether there is so much reason for us to celebrate? We have this uncanny ability to take credit for anything as disconnected as it may be from us. Sunita Williams shoots to fame after being chosen for a space mission. All Indians smile and feel smug about their achievement. Ofcourse, the immaterial facts include the fact that she is born in Ohio, lived in US all her life, served in the US Navy as is not nor has ever been Indian. But lets not burst the bubble….she traveled to space didn’t she??

Aravind Adiga is a sensation overnight having won the Booker. Every Indian looks at the mirror and says, “See how far India has reached?”. Forget the fact that he immigrated to Australia when he was in school itself and spent most of his life in US and only returned to India recently when he wrote this book. So all those insights into rural Indian culture and how we are evolving probably came to him while he sat in his comfortable room in New York if not his hostel in Oxford. I can bet that of the 10 people you hear talking about it, perhaps only one would have read the book….else why would we feel proud of a book so dark and so tainted in its perception of India?

I could go on but this is turning into a monologue. So should I feel proud of awards being bestowed on a British film directed by a Britisher, produced by one of them as well which released in North America 3 months back and still hasn’t bothered to come to India? I don’t know….and I don’t want to be so critical before seeing the movie. This is not, after all a review…

But yes, in response to his question, I concede that I should be as happy about this film getting awards as I should be if Heath Ledger gets the Oscar.

Purely, for the sake of art!


Unknown said...

except for the production and such it is an indian film-and that's why one should be happy and proud. It depicts the worst part of mumbai-but in a beautifully executed honest way... an absolutely marvelously handled subject and storyline!!!
would you not feel proud of an 'indian' sister or brother who becomes an NRI and achieves something great-the tag of 'indian' will not leave you-so why not be proud of something great and good achieved when achieved... why make an 'nri or person of indian origin' an outsider? if they get recognized outside its only a double whammy and reason to celebrate I say :)

watch the movie-its a very well made movie!!!we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Touche Rasna, its nothing personal!!

Or as Ranvir says - Shaant Lady bheem, shaant :P

Unknown said...

i was pretty shaant i think... dont u notice the smilies...? :)
and quite honest about it too. same reason kenya declared 'Obama Day' when obama got selected-just cause his dad is from the country-pride doesnt need an excuse...
n ranvir says it after getting 99 slaps from mallika in that movie no-i love that guy! ;)

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Hmmm...then again the Kenyan example is not the best one...again, what are they so proud of when he doesn't attribute any part of his being or success to his father...considering the dad first abandoned his pregnant Kenyan wife to move to USA and then abandoned them and did the same to 2 more families....

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