Monday, December 22, 2008

Of Stars, Super Stars and Aamir Khan

There are actors, there are stars and there are super stars! Let me help you understand the line that separates these. Take some recent films for example. Dasvidhania was a short sweet film which won completely basis its acting. Vinay Pathak proved his versatility and acting poweress. He is, what we call an actor.

Then there was Singh is King. A completely nonsensical movie with no story to back it or any great acting to write home about. Akshay Kumar did what he does best - comedy and pulled in the crowds. He is what we call a star.

Then came Rab ne bana di jodi. The reviews trashed it, called it names and forbade people to watch it. Result? Theatres that went housefull. Not just in the opening week but the next as well. Reason? Not Aditya Chopra, not the story, not the music. One simple magical word called SRK. Even if a movie was doomed and made as terrible as possible, you and I would watch Shahrukh Khan once on screen atleast. Its a sin not to. That, my friends, is the power of a Super Star.

The problem happens when a star and an actor like Aamir Khan tries to hold the Super Star mantle. He's a brilliant actor no doubt. Makes some of the best movies of the year. But a Super Star he is not. His personal involvement stops him from being one. To promote his films, Shahrukh may go on a talk show or at best visit a mall. Aamir Khan, according to the newspaper today, took to the streets of Delhi and with his own hands gave people the Ghajini haircut (which is just a fancy name for what NDA cadets know as a way of life). All to promote his new film. Great marketing tactic. Terrible for brand building. Aamir, no matter how many pups you name SRK, Super Star you are not....atleast not yet.

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B2 said...

He mistake was to copy my new haircut ;-)

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