Monday, November 3, 2008

Lazy Weekends

Of all addictions available to man (and woman), sleeping is probably the most satisfying and most infectious! This weekend, I almost never left the sanctuary of my bed. A soft pillow, curtains drawn and afternoon slumber...what more could a person ask for!?! Which is why, I am struggling with the urge to run home as I remind myself that a Monday morning may seem like the end of the world, but this too shall pass. Actually that is one of my favourite sayings. Spoken by the wise one...actually spoken by a waiter who finds Julia Roberts outside her best friend's room in the Movie - My Best Friend's Wedding. She's sitting there, desolate and alone, wondering why she took so long to tell him that she loved him....and how could he ever marry someone else....when this housekeeping guy comes up to her and tells her what his grandmother always told him - That this too shall pass. Simple words, but give courage!!

Coming back from my rambling, I did manage to squeeze in some time for some random reading. There is this book written by our batchmate from school - Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan called This is about me. N, one of my best friends bought it in the enthusiasm of we-know-the-author-lets-see-how-she-writes...and instantly regretted it. She couldn't get past the first 10 pages and thus, I took over the task. This post is not a book reveiew, because frankly there wasnt much in it to review. Typical chick-lit....use of slangs, abusive language and these cliches still sell?? Did not create much of an impression on me, be it the story line, the use of language, the characterisation or even the structure. All in all, quite forgetable.

What it did do though, is to get me to think. What was it that helped her get a 3 book contract from Penguin? Her being a journalist would have helped...definitely in getting the contacts....but there really wasnt much more that I could see. So, what stops me from writing fiction? I may not be very good, but the competition apparently is not path breaking either!

And that, my friend, is the next project. To write a book of fiction and to get it published. Not as easy as I thought...the story idea itself has still not formed, when when I get there (and I will get there), I promise it will be a darn good one....


Anonymous said...

Waiting for that book...:) I am sure it will be great...

Mama - Mia said...

oh her second book is out already? well i didnt even read the first one... so!

but your book, i shall wait for! :)

i can never write fiction because i lack imagination!! period! and my real life just isnt interesting enough!!

you go!!



Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

So much encouragement :)!! Thanks Vana/ Abha.

Though Abha, I am increasingly getting ready to face the fact that my imagination is holding me back from fiction. I write best when I write about things I feel strongly about...or food (which as a matter of fact I do feel strongly about :))!! Lets see what genre I decide on finally!

About her book...and you not having read it....well, no loss really :)!!

Unknown said...

Im sure you'll do an awesome job if you do it! Its in your blood, to tell you the truth. Our father's Nanaji, Jawahar Singh Jaaj was a published Author of quite a few books, I'v been told and our paternal grandmother (his daughter) wrote a book too. Last I heard Dad's planning on writing one too by 2010, so go for it!

Im sure you will do a Fabulous job!!! I'll be the first to buy a copy!

Anonymous said...

I sure will love to see your book in the market--and promise to read it through, though it takes me a lot to get through a whole book now adays.
Cheers for you,my dear.You write well.

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