Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dasvidhania....and lists

There is a list I made almost 4 years back. 20 things I want to do before I die. A movie I saw recently, Dasvidhania reminded me of the same list, one that I haven’t gone back to since so long. So here is my list, slightly altered to account for the 4 years in between….and a tally of where I stand. Why am I writing this here? Not so much to share, I would rather keep it in a locked drawer. But rather, in an attempt that if I put it here, maybe I will be forced to revisit it sometimes to see if life is going where I thought it would … or should….

20 things I want to do before I die:

1.Go on a luxury cruise. One with swimming pools and casinos and dining rooms with live singers and huge double bed cabins with the porthole looking out into the vast sea

2.Work for 4 hours everyday and spend the rest taking dance/singing/piano/guitar/language classes and taking care of my home and family

3.Send my parents on the orient express in rajasthan

4.Ride in the canoes in the waterways of Venice and eat at quaint lil cafes serving pasta and wine. Walk the pathways of Florence.

5.Go for a vacation to Kerala, in luxury. With massages and the works

6.Collect famous paintings – hmmmm….does a Van Gogh Poster count?

7.Start a restaurant where I cook once in a while

8.Have my man propose to me in a quiet place, in candle light or moonlight, in formals, with flowers, and wine, one one should be the most romantic thing in my life – OK don’t know how this will happen unless the Husband decides to do a rerun

9.My own home with a garden...and a picket fence...and a huge dog.....and flowers in every room...the house smelling of freshly baked cookies

10.Give painless childbirth – Science need to advance faster for this one

11.Wear a flowing gown on my reception – hmmm….we need to do a re-vow thing like the rich and the famous!!

12.Visit a wine making festival and trample on the grapes in the casket

13.Write a book – Believe it or not, this one is done!! The Guide for Expats moving to Noida.

14.Die at a good age, not too old that I am dependant, and before my husband

15.Ride a two wheeler on a beautiful road with trees on both sides in a beach town – Do I hear Goa beckoning?

16.Explore India....not just the cities...but smaller towns that ppl have not heard about – one big tick mark here….we go to a new town every month to explore.

17, 18, 19 and 20 are still be added as and when...


Hi there.. said...

Hey Hannu... good one.. Those are some reasonable, exciting "to do's"... All the best with the list! :-) But do let us know if/ how you get propsed to again.. ;-)Writing the list down is a way of actually doing what you want to and being acountable in a much less obvious manner....

Mama - Mia said...


i should make one too i guess! i know i wanna bungee jump, send my parents on a cruise and go to disneyland and ride every roller coaster they have! :p

btw, how was Dasvidaniya?


B2 said...

Nice list, my thoughts for improvement ;-)

#1. Balcony not porthole. If its #1 in your list, travel first class in a nice stateroom, not one with a porthole - not stylish

#4. Do that in the winter, much more romantic with the light snow if you are lucky. Venice stinks (smells) in the summer..

#6 Why on earth?

#8 Too late.. it would have been easier to not have said yes, till Mr Tiwary proposed in the desired way!

#9 Include a gardner and pastry chef, its too much work otherwise.

#10 Less obvious fact, the real pain starts after childbirth ...

#11 What's this ... too many wedding type stuff unfulfilled - I need to have a word with Mr. Tiwary

#12 From experience, tasting is more fun.

#14 If he is the same age as you or older, odds are against you.. you should have married someone younger...hmm.. detecting a pattern.

#15 my favorite!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Hey Trace, where're yours???

Abha, Dasvidhania was really good. Reviewing it wouldnt do it justice so it spurred me to bring out my list!! And I like the roller coaster long as someone else is doing it :P!!

B2 bhaiya, I agree with the balcony, I should stop being frugal in my wishes!!! Paintings coz I love art, especially the likes of Van Gogh and Renoir. For the gardner and chef ... you forget that here we already have them :) !! And I agree, you really should have a word with Mr.Tiwary :D!!!

Unknown said...

I think u mean have a garden without an inch of mitti on the flowers! ;) for that you'll either have to move abroad or if in Inida will have to move to a place like Goa, etc-which is a great idea-will give us a holiday home too!!! ;)

n yes u do have a cook (not pastry chef) so why don't I smell freshly baked cookies when Im there!!!!? ;) u need to up the ante and teach her how to bake too!

The cruise one im dreading! im sure i'll have to do it one day because of Deepak's love of the same but hopefully not for another 2 yrs...

You should plan on going to NYC - where Starry Nights (Van Gogh) is kept or mindblowing museums like Uffizi in Florence or Louvre in Paris first and seeing all the amazing art work! owing one - i dont know abt that-for owning one u'll have to add on stress about their security blah blah blah...

so best is you catch a flight to Ottawa Via Florence/Paris/New York!!! :)

All I can say is start saving!!! n do the ones that're easily do-able like riding the 2 wheeler one, etc.

In the meantime Im still buying my $2 lottery tickets! n mom pre-bought hers for december while she was here!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Ras, stop trying to make every route in the world to go through Ottawa :)!!

and write in your lists me it aint tht easy when you get down to it!!

Unknown said...

All roads lead to Ottawa! ;)
ek baar to aaja na!

Lists - har pal yahan jee bhar jeeyo-jo hai sama -kal ho na ho... ;)

Family-spread the love-make them feel loved and be there when they need you.

Travel-so much to see-travel to see natural beauty of the Irish moors/Scottish landscapes, back to Italy/France to explore, mainly Europe exploration still to do! Go back to Australia with Dee and to his Russia to see 'his haunts' and maybe NZ too!
Food-enjoy the lovely cuisines the world has to offer that the senses feel totally exhilarated with!
Spread the love/happiness/smiles as much as you can/// so that people think of u with a smile when you're gone.

there's my list for u :)

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