Sunday, October 26, 2008

The week that was!

Phew. What a week. I am exhausted, ill and completely drained out. But it was all worth it. One of my best friends got married. And when I say best friends, I refer to a set of 4 girls whom I have been with even I knew how to spell friendship...around 20 years back....and considering I'm not that much older than that, its quite a feat! So, it wasnt one of those weddings where we ate and left rather one where we were in the organising committee so as to speak.

The sangeet. engagement was awesome....we were blackmailed by her to do a performance on stage and boy did we dance?!? We literally had to be dragged off the stage. Of course in the middle of our dance when we are all in the mood, our dear friend incharge of the music decided he had enough and he told the DJ to phase out the music coz the dance was over....except that it WASN'T!!! But we refused to be dettered and went ahead and did the entire damn thing again....even got an encore :)!! So there is my option of a second career !!!

The sangeet and the wedding both turned out to be Page 3 events. We never paid much heed to the fact that our friend happened to be an established model coz for us she was just the same kid in pig tails. So there we were, wondering why the sangeet was being invaded by the likes of Vineet Jain, AD Singh, Rohan Gavaskar, Zaheer Khan, Neha Kapoor, Asmita, Tupur and Tapur etcetra etcetra..... We finally decided that the entire Lakme Fashion Week had decided to gate crash the party and only realised much later that they were invited when we heard that the party ended at 5 in the morning!!!

The wedding was beautiful. She looked gorgeous and completely refused to play the shy Indian bride. She was on top of everything, what we should wear, what we should do, when we should was like event management!! I dont think it has hit her even now that the event is over and she has a husband in tow!! The highlight of the evening was something far removed from her marriage of course. A few minutes into the venue, we realised that it was a dry and vegetarian affair. Right next door (at the venue where 2 years back I got married) was another wedding of an Army family, which to our scheming minds spelt alcohol and chicken!! So all decked up as we were, we happily gate crashed the wedding, walked around, chatted with the guests, made ourselves completely at home and had our own little party on the side. I have always wanted to gate crash a wedding....and now realise just how easy it is (wonder why we bother cooking at home when there's almost a wedding every night in the vicinity :))!!

So that's the short version of the excitement of the week. My throat is croaking, I think I'm coming down with the flu and my calves feel like I have been standing since 10 year....but it was so worth it....I would do it all over again!!!


Mama - Mia said...

wow!! seems like one helluva party!!

and we always wanted to gate-crash a wedding!! now i wanna really do it! hehe! cheap thrills! :p

heres wishing your buddy a great life and such friendships! :)



Harnoor said...

Oh it so was!!!

And you must try the gate crashing! One thing I can finally tick off my list :)!!

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