Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A marriage is on the cards

My 100th blog post. How apt. A Milestone of sorts. A thing of great significance. Which is what this post is about as well.

My best friend's getting married. In a few weeks.....they shall be man and wife. Its a time of great celebration, a time of excitement and planning. New beginings and hope. A wedding is a great thing.

On my wedding day, tired as I was of smiling for the camera, a gentleman came upto me and said something very interesting. He said "The wedding was great, but now the marriage starts....all the best". And it was....everyone wants a wedding, atleast every woman does, but not too many realise the intricacies of the marriage that follows it.

So why am I so pensive when I have reason to celebrate? Weddings are great occassions...I should be happy for my friend, join in the gaieties! And I will....but before that, my two bits of selfish advise. It is very easy for one to get lost in married life - there will be so many people clamoring for your time...you will not have a moment to think....new adjustments....setting up a new home....its enough to overwhelm a person....

It's easy to get lost in this cacophony. To focus so much on new relationships that old ones might get a little lost. But once in a while, do look back. Friends are they who stand and cheer you on...even when you are not looking. If you need to talk....to vent out....to share....to question....I'll always be here....standing right behind you....because thats what best friends are for....to cheer you on ....


B2 said...

You know what I did before I married?
Anything I wanted to! Now:

1. I ask permission for everything and have money for nothing.
2. My bank account feels like it has an automatic funds transfer to Gucci and Prada.
3. Whenever I am wrong, I admit it and whenever I am right, I just keep shut - its just easier that way.
4. Only place I can speak my mind is "blogs" which my wife has little interest in (nothing to buy there ;-)

Harnoor said...

hahahaha....this comment deserves an award!!! I agree on point 4 thoroughly.....

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