Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maladies or not

There is this strange phenomenon. Its called I-think-you're-faking-being-sick.....somehow the only way people believe you are ill is if you have a fever. Which is strange. So you could have a head that feels like its full of cotton and sneezing till the neighbors cant sleep but after all...it-just-a-cold!! Or your throat could be hurting like a million knives are poking...but how bad could a sore throat be??

Wonder where this perception came from. It would be a lie if I said I was also not guilty of the same. How many times has someone come upto me and said I'm not feeling well and I asked, do you have a fever? And if the person said, no I have a cold, how many times have I disregarded the same?

Is it me or dont you think its true???


B2 said...

A fever is one of the body's mechanisms to try to neutralize the perceived threat inside the body, be it bacterial or viral. When the body reaches high temperatures, it causes an unbearable environment for some pathogens. White blood cells also rapidly proliferate due to the suitable environment and can also help fight off the harmful pathogens and microbes that invaded the body. It is also a natural mechanism to reduce the level of activity by the body so energy can be dispensed and focussed on fighting the pathogens.

There is a common saying, don't fight the fever, fight the disease. Hence no fever = not sick or not sick bad enough to skip work or school. Sorry!!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Oh god, with you and Vicky virji analysing things such, what chance does random rambling have???

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