Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm back - and how!!!

I thought about it long and hard...I swear I did. I thought about abandoning the blog, did not want to write anymore. But I couldn't do it. And I attribute my change of mind to the following 3 reasons:

1) The poem I posted a few days back....about how you should only write if it come bursting out of your soul and you dont feel that you have an option but to put it down. It is not something that everyone reading this will understand....but I blog the way I think...spontaneously....without any calculations about the merits or demerits of what I wrote....

2) An article a colleague wrote (you can read it on Grimescene in my blog roll). The post was about how he had nothing imp to say but he just had to was killing him not to write it down....I could relate to that...

3) And the reason for the sane bunch of people who think that the above two reasons just dont make sense.....I realised that my blog is my CV when I get freelance contracts....and sabbaticals just dont make sense!!

So here I am, back in action. The past week has been crazy...juggling just everything possible. And tonight is one of my best friend's sangeet.....and in all our enthusiasm, we are performing for her on stage (or being blackmailed into it :)).....except for the fact that all of us are in a complete crazy mood so the poor audience will really wonder why we went on stage in the first place :)!! So super excited about that....

Add to that, my best friend is back in town from London....a pilgrimage she makes only when one of us plans to get married .... so considering that the last time I met her was when I got married (which was 2 yrs back!!!!), its a reunion of sorts as well!!

So I'm off.....wish me luck for tonight and I promise to come back and tell you how many tomatoes were thrown at us :) !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Harnoor,
Chanced upon your blog while browsing through
So you want to be a writer - that poem is just awesome, couldn't agree more, should say:)
Your blog's interesting,it's going in to 'the blogs i like' and so is 'grimescene', which again is from the blogs u like....

Unknown said...

Im sure it'll be a Fab performance! do post some pics-cant wait to hear all about it!

B2 said...

There is an another reason, probably a more significant one, to blog.

Blogs are a window into your self, a persona, which enables your distant friends and family to understand you, relate to you, and feel close, eliminating the chasm being far away creates.

Unlike emails or phone calls, blogs have a much freer and truer form of self expression because they are not necessarily directed at someone .. and hence much better.

I am thankful for your blog, and I feel that I have a cousin who I am much closer to because of it.

Thank you.

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Thanks Ambujam, do post comments and keep writing in...I'm a grimescene fan as well so we have somthing in common.

B2 Bh, I agree....I feel so much closer to you thanks to this blog, even though we met only once in the last god knows how many years!!! And its a means of expressing because you dont think of who is reading it and how you should frame your thoughts. It's the unadultrated thought express :)

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