Tuesday, October 7, 2008


God is a controversial topic. Actually its not....religion is...but in the middle of all the cacophony of religion, we forget the concept of god somewhere.

I am not an aethist. I believe in god. I just dont believe in religion and irrelevant concepts around it. I dont believe in rituals ... but I believe in faith....

Similar is my theory of god. I do not know if god exists. But I believe that we create the thought of a god who controls everything so that we have hope in life. We like to have someone to blame when things go wrong, its always god's fault or fate's. When things are down, we like to believe that there is someone we can depend on. Some hope of things getting better by divine intervention. God gives us hope. Even if it is self created.

So by that logic, I dont know whether god really exists. To me, god doesnt really exist in reality, we keep him/her alive in our hearts to give us strength and hope....

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B2 said...

I am impressed with your highly enlightened views on the subject. I also don't know if God exists or not and it's refreshing to seperate religion from God. However I do know that contrary to what most religions would like you to believe, God does not distinguish between good or evil. Good and evil are purely human concepts embraced equally by God if he does exist and preached by religions so that the sheep retain a sense of hope while being eaten by the wolves.

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