Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moment of Truth

With the recent influx of game shows, all of them tend to look alike after a point. American Idol merges into America’s Got Talent… ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader’ is only a step away from ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’…So in the middle of all this cacophony, I stumbled upon a show called ‘Moment of Truth’ on Star World

The format is a question – answer show. The participants have to answer questions on their lives in front of their family. There is a polygraph that decides whether the person has spoken truthfully or not. The more questions you answer truthfully, the more money you make. Simple, isn’t it? Not so, my dear.

The questions range from a simple ‘Have you ever stolen money’ to more intimate questions. Take for example last week’s show. This sweet looking girl sat on the answering chair. Also present were her husband, her parents and her sister. Imagine her quandary when she is asked ‘Were you in love with someone else on your wedding night’. More than that, imagine her husband’s reaction when she replied ‘I have to say yes’. The follow up question was even better and as a surprise was asked by a guest – her ex-boyfriend. He asked her ‘Do you think I am the man you should be married to’. On national television, the girl replied ‘Yes’. As if this wasn’t enough in wrecking her marriage, the next question did the trick. When asked ‘Have you had any sexual relations with anyone other than your husband since you have been married’, any self respecting person would leave the show if the answer was affirmative. In the quest not to lose the money, she went ahead and said Yes.

Ofcourse she lost all the money on a simple question like ‘Do you think you are a good person’. But the point is that she was ready to risk her marriage and the stability of her life for the money.

And it makes great viewing. Our natural instinct to see someone squirm in their seats makes us all voyeurs. And makes the show a great hit!! Go check it out…


Mama - Mia said...

i heard this show being discussed in the office! everyone seemed to be quite tickled withw aht seemed like poetic justice whne hse lost all the money for saying she is a good person!!

what have we come down to, really! these are the times i am convinced of my decision to NOT have cable TV yet again!! :)



Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Living without a TV??? My husband wouldn't last a day :)!! You must catch this one....its better than the saas bahu they churn out!

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