Sunday, September 28, 2008

Because You don't mess with the Zohan!!!

I still can't stop laughing!! This movie should ideally have been reviewed 5 minutes after I left the hall. For the sole reason that my opinion on the spot and in retrospect is strangely varied. One thing is common though - the movie is a complete laugh riot!

Zohan is a superhuman of sorts whom no one can beat in a fight....he also happens to be a casanova who thinks his purpose in life is to make women happy! And he does this in a manner that makes you still believe that he is innocent and pure! Unfortunately, he happens to be the answer to all prayers of the Israeli Army. All said and done, he manages to flee from his life to live his dream - to cut and style hair.

What follows is a hillarious narrative where he takes New York by storm. Adam Sandler was always funny but he almost outdoes himself! The thing is this - the movie is a riot but go alone or with your partner. Do NOT go with parents or little children as many in the audience realised. The movie should ideally have been given a 'A' rating but somehow it scraped through.

For a fun evening out with popcorn on the side, go watch this careful not to fall on the floor laughing....after all, You don't mess with the Zohan!!!

Rating: 3 on 5


Unknown said...

I agree! we watched it with a bunch of Deepak's colleagues, in SFO, in June 08 and it was just toooooo crazy!!! grossly funny! n for a while everytime we saw Hummus we ran a mile from it!!! :)
if it comes out on DVD while mom's here-im definitely going to show it to mom!

Anonymous said...

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