Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kismat Konnection ... zzzzzz

I’ve been avoiding writing a review on this one. One feels like reviewing a movie that you either like or dislike. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t reach either ends of the spectrum and leaves one just blandly indifferent. Which is probably the worst fate for a movie.

The premise is not too bad. Shahid Kapoor has the worst luck in the world and life just doesn’t seem fair. In a moment of complete despair, he visits a fortune teller (Juhi Chawla) who tells him that there will be one person who will cross his path and all will be fine. This person predictably happens to be Vidya Balan who even more predictably happens to hate Shahid the second they cross paths. The movie moves along with then ofcourse eventually falling in love.

So what really worked for the movie? Hmm….not much. The location was not bad, being shot in South-East Asia. The songs were forgettable and not much to write home about. Acting also was really quite blah with everyone just getting by their roles. Shahid for some strange reason tried to do a mix of going back to the cute boy look of his earlier flops and an imitation of a shirtless Salman with his formidable biceps getting full coverage. Someone should have told him to stick with the corporate look he had in Jab we met with specs and shirts….that just ended up making him look incredibly sexy. Which brings me to the actress who has probably forgotten what sexy looks like. I hate to repeat what magazines claim but Vidya Balan truly is one of the worst dressed actresses today. Her clothes seem awkward and her hairstyle way too random. It’s hard to believe that she is the same woman who defined beauty as Parineeta. Juhi is cute as ever but she barely had a role. Probably the best part of the film is Boman Irani’s little cameo. He really is a brilliant actor and remains under-utilized.

All in all, quite forgettable. Watchable on DVD but towards the end, you may just doze off.

Rating: 2 on 5

PS- I know the snap is not from this movie. But he just has never looked so good since Jab We Met, has he??


Mama - Mia said...


heard the same thing from everyone! one of my pals actually took 3 days to finish watching it! :p

and whats with Vidya Balan anywayz?!



Anonymous said...

hmm... though it wasnt bad or good, we did like some of the songs-esp 'Aye papi' which is hummable n peppy and 'tumse hi din hota hai' which is a beautiful no.!
as far as the location goes its been shot mostly in Toronto and one of the songs has us reminiscing Niagara Falls and the Clifton Hill st in Niagara - the happening busy downtown st of NF.... which parts were shot in south east asia??? the acting by VB was quite sad n it started to drag in the middle - one time watch and 2-3 nice songs n views of TO-that's what its all about!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Your friend needs to be rewarded watch this movie 3 days in a row (Albeit in parts) is nothing short of an achievement!!! Vidya Balan really should stick to the bengali saris dont you think??

Anonymous, assuming its Ras, there are some shots in Singapore but I should have been careful, keeping in mind your quick eye when it comes to Canada!! Isnt Tumse hi din hota hai from Jab we met and not this flick??

Unknown said...

arre it says clearly in the credits too-shot in Toronto, niagara falls and Ottawa (though dont know which part that was!) maybe some isolated scenes were in singapore too (?)
the song i was referring to was 'tumhi ho' :) not tumse din hota hai :) similar words n i was probably humming the other one while writing!
but yeah that song plus aye papi and 'kahin na lage man-is this love' how can one not love these songs! mmm delish! :)

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