Thursday, August 7, 2008

Co-ed hostels....OMG!!!

There's a statement in the front page of the Newspaper today given by the principal of St.Stephens college in Delhi. For those who are not familiar with education in India, admission in Delhi University is a dream of many and St. Stephens is arguably the best graduation college in DU to get into for courses especially in science. So much so that the cut off percentage for most courses stops at some obscene 92% odd which means only the extremely brainy or the talented(for sports quotas etc.) get through (leaving aside other quotas ofcourse).

So when the principal reacts to a proposal of a Co-ed hostel by saying "If we go for co-ed hostels, we will have to build maternity wards next to it", it just strikes me as absurd. And a cover-up of Oh-I-was-just-kidding is even more so. Sometimes, I feel, we really should give more credit to people. I agree that parents and professors are only concerned and in some cases their concerns are even justified. But if you allow a person that age to vote and choose the leaders of your get behind the wheel and drive on the roads, then allowing them to make choices about their own life doesnt seem too daunting.

A case in point is the institute I did my post grad from. MICA has a beautiful campus in the middle of a jungle outside Ahmedabad. When I say jungle, I really don't exaggerate. Getting from there to the city usually involves a change of 2-3 modes of transport. In the middle of this wilderness, MICA is governed by Professor Atul Tandan, a notable name in the corporate world who chose to get into academics. Thankfully, PAT (as he insists on being called) is of the opinion that everyone is capable of making their own decisions and are responsible individuals. Thus, MICA is not run with a stick in hand like some institutes. When I was there, PAT decided that our accomodation crunch would be solved by allocating one hostel as a co-ed hostel, one as boys hostel and one as girls. There was no fanfare nor were there any eyebrows raised on such a decision. Contrary to the beliefs of people like the principal of St.Stephens, we all did not jump in joy and rush to get a room in the co-ed hostel. Most of us preffered our space, and chose to live in the separate hostels....who wanted to see a guy outside the door early in the morning when we went out for tea?? Some students did choose to live in the co-ed one and believe me, it really WASN'T a big deal!!!

So all in all, we got through MICA without the need of any maternity permanent damage was suffered by anyone in my batch to the best of my knowledge. And we got through just fine....

So, sir, with all due respect, please give the kids a break!!!


Mama - Mia said...

when there are people around who wag their tongues when grown up siblings (bro n sis) sleep in one room and on one bed, you can imagine how they would react to co-ed hostel!! sheesh!

someday they will know only hormones dont drive kids! :D



Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

I know!! People really should grow up dont you think?

B2 said...

Its widely known in the developed world that non co-ed accommodations can lead to unnatural human behavior ... one the army frowns upon!

Come on, lighten up folks, such artificial constraints can always be skirted by someone driven purely by youthful hormones.

What these idiots should be spending time and energy is on distilling the right values into their kids, not protesting co-ed accommodations.

Berkeley even has [had, haven't checked recently] co-ed bathrooms in their co-ed dorms ;-)

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!

AFM said...

"Wow what a load of crap" - be strong enough to actually post that comment and reply to it

Hostels in India said...

Thanks for all the joy your bringing!This was real special!

Anonymous said...

U were lucky.I assume guys could visits girls in their hostel rooms and vice versa in MICA.Most colleges in India don't even allow guys into girl hostel and vice versa.

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Yes we could. Which is the entire point of this post. The late nights were attributed to group projects or even a movie screening. Every 21 year old is not desperate to be alone with a person of the opposite sex.

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