Friday, July 25, 2008

Of random thoughts...and yummy munchies

So here I am, finally got a new haircut to beat the boredom (much to the despair of the Husband), planned a trip to meet his grandparents at their place in Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh) in August and waiting for the Friday evening to dawn. Life is not too bad I would say! So as you would have guessed by now, I don’t have a new story to tell or a review to share today but the random ramblings of my thoughts. Which, I guess, is the point of Thought Express (duh!!)…

I have also discovered a new snack to patronize and I have been dying to share it. Top Breads in Noida Sector 18 has come up with a thing called “Chicken Pocket”. It is essentially a quarter of a Pita bread, halved in the middle and filled with coleslaw and chicken with lettuce. Divine!!!!! Somehow most roads go via Top Breads these days ;)!!

Ofcourse, if you rather just sit in front of the TV and munch on some chips, here’s the secret behind a great dip I make sometimes:

Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp
Hung curd – 3 tbsp
Mustard sauce – A dash
Maggie chicken masala cube- ½ cube (I don’t know the substitute for this in other countries…Ras, pl suggest)
Chilli Flakes – ½ tsp

Mix all ingredients and blend into a smooth paste. Enjoy as a dip with chips, nachos, chicken nuggets and almost anything!!! To alter the flavor, you can substitute the chilli flakes with oregano or other herbs. Do not mix flavors though, stick to one.


Unknown said...

:) sounds delish! for the maggie masala cube-one can go to an indian store and get some or order some... for our pakoras, etc we usually use MDH chaat masala or something similar as they have a wide range of seasonings so maybe something from their range...?

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said... masala wont give it the same flavor. If you dont get the maggi cube, just skip tht and go with the rest of the ingredients.

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