Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jaane Tu...ya jaane na...

With my faithful friends grumbling about the delay of my review on Jaane Tu (Neha the Deva’s grudges can be very daunting!), I decided it was but time I wrote about it. On our crazy Movie Saturday last week, we started the day with Jaane Tu – the film people can’t stop gushing about.

Actually it’s wrong to call it ‘gushing’. Jaane Tu leaves you with a feeling like you are floating on air. None of the awe on direction that Johnny Gaddar demanded or the acting poweress shown in Omkara. But you leave the hall with a silly smile on your face. And that is the beauty of this movie. You enter the hall knowing EXACTLY what the story is going to be …. Boy and girl are friends….everyone else thinks they should be together….they date different people but finally realize they really should be together. And that’s it. No twist in the tale, no random fight scenes…..just pure predictable entertainment. The script writer made a brilliant move introducing this age old sequence of events in a fresh look without any jazz. And all this in an age where we are surrounded by cinema trying too hard….with people flying around and having talking pink teddy bears on their back (I mean what was Priyanka Chopra thinking???). Never underestimate the power of simplicity and the judgment of the audience.

To do a quick run-down on why I think the movie worked:
1.Simple story. No twists that can fall flat
2.New faces that don’t carry baggage of expectations
3.Variety of relationships ranging from brother-sister, best friends, parents-child, cousins, each one interesting in its own right.
4.A brilliant Naseeruddin Shah who can make you laugh even if he is stuck standing in a frame on the wall.
5.Peppy music that doesn’t bore the hell out of you a la AR Rehman

When I walked out of the hall with that silly smile on my face that I mentioned before, I turned to the Husband and the first thing I said was “They are so smart. They actually made a movie that is difficult to dislike”. And that’s the crux of this review. You may not love the movie or coo “soooooo cute” like some people have been heard to have said….but you will just find it so bloody difficult to dislike the film!!

Rating: 3.5 on 5

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Anonymous said...

how can one even dislike it!? one wud have to be seriouly devoid of happiness/positivity in life not to like this very sweet film..... hmmmm college days..... pata nahin kahaan chale gaye!!!!
(phone pe beta phone pe!!! ;))

n the songs r all hummable n 'pappu cant dance' is a fun cute peppy song!

awesome feel good movie

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