Monday, July 7, 2008

Digital Signatures

Technology!!! Hrrmmppphh....besides the fact that the industry is responsible for putting food on my table, technology has to be the single most frustrating thing ever created!

Figure this out - the Indian Government finally decides to allow online submission of Income Tax Returns. The website works perfectly and I had no problem until I had to upload the filled in form. The instructions say clearly that I have 2 options: Either I can upload a digital signature and print out my acknowledgement or I can print a verification form, take it to the crowded Income Tax office, wait for acknowledgement etc etc.

So I uploaded the form and tried to upload a .pfx file that I created through Acrobat Reader according to instructions I read on the net (Document - Security Settings - Add ID). But when I upload the same, I unfortunately get the message below:

So if anyone has ANY clue on how I can fix this...please help!!

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