Thursday, May 15, 2008

Revival of scrabble

I’m hooked…it’s an addiction and I am not ashamed to admit it! Wait wait…before you go running to get help, let me clarify. I am only talking about the Scrabulous game on Facebook. And without trying to act like a salesperson, I must urge you to play it if you haven’t yet tried it out. Its fast, its fun and its challenging. I started out playing (or trying to) with my friends but that didn’t work out as we were rarely online at the same time and I still have a game open that I started 10 days back!! Then I tried out this cool feature of ‘Join a table’ or ‘Host a table’. You can play with anyone online even if you don’t know each other. Most people mention how much time they have and how fast they would like the game to progress, which is a HUGE help when it comes to selecting the person you want to play with.

There are downsides ofcourse. My friend told me that some shady guy tried to chat up with her while playing. Also, most people end up cheating and use word finder softwares to make words you have NEVER heard of (and I have quite a good vocabulary if I say so myself). So you may feel a little shortchanged when someone makes a word like Mulattos (???) and earn some 75 points for it!!!

But then, all’s fair in a game as they say…go online my friend and sign up…if you are not afraid of being challenged by me that is!!

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