Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of dates and celebration..

One and a half years…18 months…550 odd days….13,200 hours….7,92,000 minutes etc. etc. (I’m sure you get the drift of it). It’s been that long that I have stepped into this new world of married life. When the husband and I FINALLY decided that we’re not getting any younger (or richer) by staying single, we decided to tie the knot. Don’t get me wrong, its not that I’ve been counting every minute of it. Neither am I that obsessive nor has it been that trying a time!! But as I confessed before, I’m a sucker for celebration and what better excuse than a one and a half year anniversary!

The husband ofcourse is completely baffled at my excitement everytime one of these days pop up (ok ok I’ve stopped celebrating monthly anniversaries at least….and those of my engagement…and when we started dating …blah blah). The yearly one itself puts enough pressure on him to plan a day surpassing all others, so he can quite do without these silly ones!

My logic is simple (somehow my logic is always simple to me). In our daily mundane lives, if 1 day a month (or even in a week) gives us an opportunity to celebrate and do something to make each other happy, why not? I mean, what do we lose?

So am not sure if we will end up doing anything tomorrow to mark the occasion. Office hours and traffic can be quite a dampener. But anyhow, let me just be happy at the prospect of it for the time being…..cheers to us!!!


B2 said...

Given that there are less than 30,000 days in a lifetime, enjoy every one of them.

Don't be in a position where you look back and wonder, how did I get here so fast and never got to smell the roses. Congrats on 18 months!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

I agree brother!! And its just brilliant weather today with rain and breeze (in June?!?) lets see...

Mori said...

Wow... Monthly Annivs are so "IN" right now in my life... I wonder if I'll ever be at ur Position... :)

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