Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My IPL moment

OK, you will have to forgive me....I am still a little dazed...after all being in the company of Glenn McGrath, AB De Villers and the likes, I am allowed to be so!

So here I am working quietly on my desk at work and suddenly there is a huge commotion outside. And in troop half the team Delhi Daredevils! For the uninitiated, I am refering to the Delhi team of the much crazed IPL (Indian Premier League) and for the very uninitiated, I am talking about cricketers.

Manoj Tiwary looks a little uneasy with all the attention he is getting and Asif seems to be getting used to it....but the man himself....Glenn McGrath or Pidge like he calls himself, takes it all in his stride and smiles away for the cameras. Crowds in the already packed Nehru Place area are on the verge of a stampede....security has a tough time to keep it all under control....and then there is the photo op. A senior official shouts above the din 'Brand team, why dont you come up for a photograph'. The rest happens so fast that I can barely remember...but it involves a lot of flashes and McGrath sitting right next to me.

So cant really complain...Tuesday afternoon did not turn out so bad after all...


Anonymous said...

nice! :) n what Brand is that??? my husband is screaming in the back seeing the pics and wondering how u got so lucky!!! :D nice pics!!!

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

Religare...we are Associate Partners with the Delhi Daredevils....perks of the job eh :)??

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