Friday, May 23, 2008

Ambition Quotient ??

There is a very interesting article I read in the Smithsonian Magazine about New Yorkers

Article -

This is how it starts:

"In my experience, many people believe that New Yorkers are smarter than other Americans, and this may actually be true. The majority of people who live in New York City were not born here. Indeed, more than a third were not born in the United States. New Yorkers, then, are people who left another place and came here, looking for something, which suggests that the population is preselected for higher energy and ambition..."

Though a very interesting read and a very entertaining viewpoint, I found one major flaw in this. The author supposes a direct correlation between intellegence and ambition. Which ofcourse brings me into the picture with all my swords drawn out. Intellegence in my opinion (and I am sure it has its basis in my study of psychology) is not correlated with ambition. This is also because ambition is a very subjective field whereas intellegence is objective. My intellegence can easily be measured (IQ) and compared with the likes of Einstein. On the other hand, my ambition is poles apart from that of The Husband. His ambition might be to be the youngest CEO in the media industry while mine is to have a content life with 2 children, a dog running in the garden in the backyard of a townhouse and writing for a couple of hours in the day. Now, who gets the task of measuring our ambition?

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