Friday, April 4, 2008

Street Food in Delhi

It's not rare that I get a call from friends on their way out asking for my advice on where to get the best xyz. Ofcourse, given that xyz is related to food! Modesty aside, I guess that I am a sort of guru when it comes to eating out and I'm proud of the same. So I figured, why not jot down a few of my favourite places for you too...

So here goes, this blog is dedicated to my favourite street food in Delhi.

Where to get the best:

1)Chaat - The best papri chaat I have ever tasted is in GK1 M block market. The chat wala next to Prince Pan is just brilliant. His bhalla is oh so soft and for the hygene conscious, he wears gloves and uses bisleri water!!
2)Kakori Kababs - Salim Chacha anyday! Though many will disagree and say Khan chacha is better, I think Khan chacha is mere hype. Salim Chacha's kakori roll just melts in the mouth and you dont even need to chew!! There have actually been instances that we were waiting for our table at Big Chill and ended up filling our stomachs at Salim's by the time our table was ready (and for the people who dont know about my love for Big Chill, it's more than you can imagine!)
3)Momos - Though I'm not much of a momo fan anymore, the charm of eating momos at the sikkim stall at dilli haat with the chilli sauce and fruit beer is just unbeatable.
4)Hotdogs - Ever tasted the hot dogs made by the vendors that are seen in any mall these days? I think they are also called 'HogDogs'...the sausage is meaty and soft and the bread is fresh! You can choose from a choice of sauces, be it mayo, mustard or barbeque sauce.
5)Mutton Patty - The mutton patty at Wengers in CP is an experience in itself! The filling is just right and the patty flakes before you can even bite it!
6)Zinger Burger - I know I's not really street food...but well, how could a fast food blog be complete without this one! The king of all burgers available in Delhi, the Zinger Burger at KFC truly takes the cake (and the icing ....and everything with it!) A HUGE fried chicken patty, soft bread, mayo and crisp lettuce....enough to turn me into Pavlov's dog...
7)Shawarmas - Though I have touched on this topic in my Egypt article, this blog would be incomplete without the mention of Shawarmas. Dont even try to find the best...close your eyes and go straight to Al-Bake in New Friends Colony market. The shawarmas in this tiny, not so posh eatery, I promise you, will just completely blow your mind!

But then, as I always say, dont take my word for it....go try it for yourself!!


Unknown said...

hmmm sounds yummy! save for the yummilicious kebabs at Wenger's I don't recall the other treats - how come u have not introduced me to them yet? next time remember to take me to all your haunts ok! :)
i also remember the yum ham of Aahar at Alaknanda which pa used to sneak out with us to eat-unbeknown to mom!n the gol gappas we used to share at the same market with our pocketmoney!!! oh th ejoys of sharing pocketmoney!!!! ;)

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

I agree on the Ham at Aahar but don't know if it has stood the test of time...and your delicate eating habits dont allow for 'street' food :)!

Aashish said...

Shawarma at Al bake truly rocks..have been going there since 2003..
As for papri chaat..I also suggest UPSC ....I don't agree on the kebbabs part...khan chacha is actually very nice...

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