Monday, April 7, 2008

"Khuda ke liye" - A Revelation

I saw "Khuda ke liye" 2 days back. Usually, after I have seen a good movie, I am itching to get to my computer and write a review. It is not often that I am so in awe of a movie that I keep trying to postpone the review as I feel I may not do it justice. So in my humble attempt to get you enthused enough to go watch this film, I will only discuss what the movie stands for and how it made me feel instead of revealing the story.

Khuda Ke Liye (In the name of God) is the first film by Shoaib Mansoor and he has written, directed, produced the film and even written lyrics for a few songs in it. And it shows. His passion for the subject and his quest to get it right comes right at you.

The movie is largely about the 2 sections of society in Pakistan - the moderates and the extremists. It is about the struggles of the new generation of Islam which is finding itself stuck between these 2 extremes. It also deals with the way the world views islam in a very delicate manner, neither being too fundamentalist, nor blaming circumstances rather than acts of people.

In my opinion, the movie is an eye-opener. In terms of direction, editing and cinematography, it is flawless. The music score is unrivalled and has the ability to transcend borders, religion, race and just any other divide. The dialogues are beautifully crafted and though are difficult to comprehend in places, the beauty of the urdu language compensates for that. The movie also was an eye-opener as my perception of Pakistan is only the picture painted by media and history books. The similarities between our countries are endless and the aspirations and struggles of their youth are similar to ours. The fact that a movie that questions the systems in place and the islamic way of thinking can not only release in Pakistan but go on to be the biggest grosser ever, is proof enough that our perceptions are due for an overhauling.

A 3 hour film that holds you to your seat, performances that convince, music that stays with you long after you leave the hall and an altered opinion of our neighboring country....these are just a few of the reasons I would give you to go watch the film. You do not have to love do not have to even like the film....but you will miss a great opportunity if you do not go see it even if it is just to have an opinion to share!!


Anonymous said...

I agree, this movie is a message and it needs to be spread as much as possible... the director has done a great job at this..

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary said...

I agree Kamran. What sets this film apart from others is the fact that it does not over-dramatize or make one see the world in black and white. It highlights the greys too...

Anonymous said...

a must watch i must say! what a movie to watch!

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