Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life and ambition..

Ambition - "What you want to achieve and at the cost of which you want to achieve it!"

My contentment is sometimes mistaken for lack of ambition. The fact that I do not want to be the next Ambani seems incredulous to some. I am repeatedly asked - 'Dont you want a huge house with an even bigger garden? Or long cars to drive in? To travel the world or to buy masterpieces?" And what a strange question this is.

Ofcoure I want all that, who wouldn't? But I dont want it at the cost of other things that are more important to me - like peace of mind, like time to take an evening walk or play with my children when they come back from school. I rather drive a smaller car and take dance lessons than drive a BMW to go to work 50Kms away. I see no point in existing that way! And you know what? I am not the only one who feels this way....most of us want this peaceful life. But society conditions us such that wanting the simple things in life are seen as a sign of lack of drive in life.

So then, how can I blame someone for thinking of me as one without the will to succeed? After all, the only problem is that our definitions of success are poles apart!

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