Saturday, February 23, 2008

Personality Classifications

It is my theory, with my years of wisdom to back my claim, that we can categorize a person’s personality basis his cooking style. I have categorized people into three types. The first type is a person who cooks by the book. These are the people I call ‘Straight liners’. They will open a recipe book and follow it point by point. 50grams means 50 grams, to be measured on a weighing scale. You say 1 tsp and they say leveled or heaped? In life also, these people tend to be the more meticulous sort. They will follow structure, will be great performers because of being highly efficient. They will also be more of the planners, will make to-do lists and follow them.

The second sort of people are the ‘Zig Zags’. I find myself in this category. Whenever the cooking bug bites me, I will look at 2-3 books for recipes to serve as a base. I will note the general rules for cooking a certain sauce or meat. With this research in hand, I will improvise on an existing recipe to make something unique. Thus I may not divert too much from the straight line but do not follow it either. The ‘Zig Zags’ in life are an interesting lot. They like structure in terms of processes to be there as guidelines. Within this structure, they like to have creative freedom to do things their way. They are the innovators, constantly coming up with a better way to use the current resources.

The last category of people are the ‘Path discoverers’. A self-confident lot, they do not follow any recipe. They will enter the kitchen, look at the ingredients and think up of a new recipe to churn out every other time. It might be completely off the mark, but once in a while, it’s a jackpot. In life, you may find them to be the creative lot, the free-thinkers. They work best as loners, left to their device. And they would hate to be categorized!

If you have reached this far in my theory and are still reading, you will have one burning thought in your mind. How can she without years and years of research, formal knowledge and analysis have the gall to come up with something as preposterous as this? Well you see, I figured that if Freud could be renowned for all he said basis his 20 year research on one person, I have been closely studying myself for as much time too!! What say you??


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