Thursday, December 20, 2007

Growing up...

If you know me, or know someone who knows me, you will be privy to the fact that I am a sucker for festivals! I love them…the lights of Diwali, the colors of Holi, the cheer of Christmas, the biryani of Eid….all of them. Regardless of which faith they belong to, I love the fact that they are a reason for people to celebrate. To feel special and get a chance to do things to make others feel special. The same is the reason that I am crazy about birthdays / anniversaries and the like. Mine or someone else’s. I’m the sort of person who would go and tell everyone I know that my birthday is coming up a month beforehand…on the other hand, I am also the kind of person who would plan something special…a surprise …a gift…a single flower in the most unexpected of places…for people close to me. And I’ll let you in on a secret. I still have my stocking under my pillow every Christmas eve and without fail, Santa has delighted me with goodies year after year.

But as time passes by, I am forced to wonder if this forced cheer is foolish. Am I refusing to stop being a child? Does the innocence of magic and snowflakes and birthday excitement suit only children? Perhaps it’s time I should leave all this behind. The joy of giving gifts is paled when the person getting it is half as excited as you are….ofcourse because your childish excitement is difficult to match! Perhaps this New Year I won’t make a fuss about sitting at home and reading a book….and this Christmas I won’t go with friends to distribute sweets to children like we always did in college…sitting pretty with a glass of wine would be more fitting….and perhaps after all these years, Santa wont find my stocking under my pillow…coz perhaps it’s time I grew up…..

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Unknown said...

ok very well written blog... u have made the preets n moms cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n i know u got xmas gifts -more than last time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so dont try to get sympathy votes!!!!!;) HAHAHAHA

but good article...XXXOOO

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