Saturday, September 29, 2007

Johnny Gaddar all the way!!!

What a movie!! My opening line would have given my game away, but I couldn't hold myself back. Its been ages that I have been to a movie where I sat at the edge of my seat for the entire duration of 3 hours! Quick, impulsive and honest, this movie is a slick thriller that does not depend on cheap bollywood tricks like dead people not actually being dead or unnecessary drama like an extra marital affair being found out. The movie plays on a slippery edge between the old cinema of yester years and editing to rival hollywood films and does it with panache.

Neil Mukesh is a find. His good looks don't distract you from his character. He plays the innocent guilty so well that you come out of the movie not even hating the man though he plays a villain and not really a hero.

The music, like the movie, is fast and brilliantly done by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. There is an element of freshness and at no point in the movie do you feel that you have to go through a song sequence. Neither has the director resorted to popular antics ala Gangster/ Omkara etc. to have all of them get drunk and start singing songs together.

The women are really quite inconsequential. They are around but you dont notice them much! The 5 characters are able to hold your attention all along. Dharmender keeps resorting to broken english which seems forced but its probably an attempt to keep him away from slipping back into popular 'kutte kamine' mode. Shartul is as grimy as they get and Prakash keeps urging you to sympathise with his circumstances.

All in all, a movie that does not happen too often. Full paisa vasool.

Rating - 4 on 5

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