Sunday, August 12, 2007

Glorious Leos

I usually dont succumb to the world of predictions basis sun signs. Even with my belief in fate and in things that we can't explain, this goes against my basic sense of logic. How can one - twelfth of the world have exactly the same fate any given day? Or similar behavior patterns? And how can that be decided upon the date on which you are born? Does that mean that socialization, cultural environment and experiences as one grows up do not contribute significantly towards who we shape up to be? But this is not a blog about innate versus aquired behavior. This is about the one thing that a friend of mine once said that is strangely true.

During my post graduation, I was sitting with a friend and she was chatting about a guy, who like me was a leo by sun sign. And she said something very interesting. She said, leos follow a strangely similar pattern. They get up in the morning feeling like the king of the world, purring at the glory of being born with a golden spoon. As they hum off towards the rest of the day, the hard reality hits them gradually. And by the end of the day, they come home completely deflated and dejected at how life treated them. And lo behiold....when they wake up again in the morning, its back to their glorious self!!

Perhaps too much of a generalization, but the snippet above does sound familiar for some days of my week. Strange but true...

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