Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The click of a mouse...

“The time taken to travel across the world is now equal to the click of a mouse…”

So said a not-so wise person…me! The net is a fascinating thing. It manages to collapse geographies, cultures … seen and unseen boundaries.

I went to a hostel when I was 13 years old. In all the years since then, there have been times that I have been in and out of home….but mostly they never coincided with my sister’s plans. We started living in different cities since that summer. It was an age of self discovery…a time to find out who I was and what I wanted to be. Perhaps the distance between us grew larger as time passed and we became concepts to each other. We loved each other because…well, we were sisters and we were supposed to. But, if you had asked me her favorite book or what she liked to eat, I just may have been dumbfounded.

Time passed. Distances grew larger. She moved oversees and I got immersed in the buzz of university life. It was perhaps then that we started understanding of what we stood to lose by silence. And then we discovered the internet. The world was flat once more. We could bounce off thoughts, ideas, moods and just about anything off each other with a click of a mouse.

And I discovered my sister once again. I saw her for the person she was and the things that made her unique. We saw each other as friends for the first time, as two people with conflicting opinions but no conflict.

If you ask me today, I’m not sure that I can still tell you the name of her favorite book. But I can tell you what can make her shout with glee….or cry at the drop of a hat (trust me, she will when she reads this).

An ode to my sister….for being what she is to me and much more.

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Unknown said...

i hate u!!! u knew this wud make me cry!!!! :) oh u know I love u!-u write so well my dear sister, n so true. i will always regret having caused a distance between us but i shall always still love u, however much we may get mad at each other n stomp out of the room when the other says something that we don't agree with/like! but till today when i step into a mall or visit a new country/place the first person i buy something for is not myself but for you! yeah its true-i got nothing but a keychain for myself from France/Italy but i did manage to pick up a few things for u n mom! now make me happy by coming to visit me here!!!

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